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Our Firm

Our Leaders

Our senior lawyers have solid legal skills gained from over 25 years of experience in their respective fields of practice and are relied upon by clients for their legal acumen combined with their understanding of clients' businesses. 

Our Offices

Since the establishment of our firm in 2014, we have grown organically to a team of 22 with diverse strengths and skills but united with the vision to deliver as one cohesive team.

Our Clients

We serve clients across the board from individuals to start-ups to SMEs and MNCs from myriad industries. We are also on the panel of all local banks and the major foreign banks in Singapore including Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC, Citibank and Maybank. 


We are a young law firm established in 2014 that has grown organically.

We have a highly energetic and dedicated team of individuals who work with passion and commitment to achieve clients’ objectives within tight timelines.

Our business savvy leaders: 

We have a diverse group of clients from individuals to start-ups to small and medium enterprises to multi-nationals across many industry sectors.

Our Culture

Every single team member’s contribution is highly valued resulting in a collaborative atmosphere unified by a shared commitment to providing quality service.

Each team member feels motivated to go the extra mile and empowered to take on more knowing there is always someone in the firm they can turn to for support.

Our Reputation

With decades of industry experience and hands-on execution, our senior lawyers not only provide quality legal advice but also strategic business solutions to clients.  We differentiate ourselves by our creative thinking and attention to client care by focusing on understanding each client’s business so thoroughly that we often function as an external ‘in-house legal department’ for our clients.

The senior lawyer whom you meet and engage is the lawyer who personally learns to understand your business and delivers your work.  With extensive experience not only in Asia but also in cross-border work from Europe and America, we take pride in being:

  • able,
  • available,
  • affable and
  • affordable

Our Innovation

The profile of our client is changing. More and more of them are embracing digital solutions and technological innovations and becoming more data-led.

We have embedded technological innovation in the way we work and will continue to embrace lawtech to enable us to continue to deliver quality service to clients in a way that is:

  • smart,
  • efficient and
  • cost-effective

Our Sharing

Each of our leaders dedicates many hours and personal funds each year to social causes such as:

  • education for under-privileged children,
  • meals support for under-privileged children,
  • medical support for under-privileged children and/or
  • personally teaching under-privileged students, training teachers in schools to upskill and training youths to rise and shine in self-excellence.

One of our senior lawyers has, for a period of over two decades, been conducting drafting in plain English classes for law graduates, previously face-to-face and currently via online video sessions.

We don’t just talk the walk but actually walk the talk.

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